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With that said, we now take measurement as being the truth. The contemporary myth that we are living in – where measurement is absolute - has become just as unquestioned and sacred in modern times as the oracles were in ancient Greece.

—Tricia Wang “The Conceit of Oracles

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for any person to successfully lead others, he or she must deal with reality and be ready to accept the fact that leadership, at times, can bring out the worst in us. And understanding, as well as coming to grips with the darker side of your personality, is key to dealing with real-life situations.


Two choices determine success: which specific customers to target and how to create a compelling value proposition for those customers. If a strategy is about just those two decisions, it won’t need to involve the production of long and tedious planning documents.


Very few consumers actually buy by looking at long ranks of statistics. Rather they choose using various heurstics and social cues, proxies. A brand is actually a very intelligent proxy because it’s a piece of data that compresses a lot of information about the quality of the product, the word of mouth of the product, how long the company has been in operation, and what its reputation generally is.

Rory Sutherland on influence for The Sunday School of Life Sermons

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Mobile is the next computing platform and it is several times larger than the desktop internet

Whatsapp and $19bn — Benedict Evans (via davehyndman)

Mobile will dwarf anything we have even seen or imagined to date.  It is not merely a platform, it is a societal change in behavior.

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